I have been an extremely busy bee over the last week. It has been a brilliant one no doubt about it. This post is going to be a self indulgent ramble about how much fun I had and my love of a certain band, so if you want stop reading now. I’ll talk about other things too – so please keep reading.

Last Friday I made the short but scenic train journey to Manchester, on which an elderly man gave me a lecture about the Victorian architecture and beautiful buildings of the debated second city of the UK. I pretended to be interested, but really wanted to keep my head down and listen to music, namely Metronomy as this was the band I was heading to see that night. After the release of their new album Love Letters it is fair to say I have fallen even deeper in love with them. Upon first listening of the album, I was sure that The English Riviera was still their best. Upon second listening I thought the two were on a par. When I listened to it for the third time I truly believed it was one of the best new albums around. It’s a grower, but when you get into it you really really get into it, and now I can’t stop being into it, I listen to it alot, probably too much.

After reading the article The DNA of Metronomy’s New Album: Love Letters I understood why this album was so brilliant. In this digitised, computerised culture of modern music they had managed to pull off an creating an exceptional album only using Analogue methods, which takes endless hard work and effort, but I won’t go into all of that, you can just read the article. 

I attended their live show in Birmingham a couple of years ago, just after they had released the English Riviera so I knew that I was in for a slick, well polished, perfect performance with great staging and lights, and that is exactly what succeeded. It was simply brilliant.I was lucky enough to go with my brother and his friend Cleggy (Clegend/Bobby Cleggson/Cleggson Churchill) which made it all the more enjoyable. I would urge everyone to listen to Metronomy, obviously.

Away from the things I have been doing let’s talk about what YOU have been doing. A lot of people, mostly females, have been posting photos of themselves with no make up on to raise awareness of cancer and cancer research. This is a brilliant cause and well worth participating in. However, I think that everyone is aware of cancer and most people have been affected by it in one way or another, therefore It is clear that the real need is the donations for cancer research and I know that most, if not all, will agree. It has been a brilliant week for this subject area and it is great to see social media being used in such a positive way. Next up is the sock on a cock (not to be confused for the suck on a cock) craze, whilst I will not be participating I will definitely be doing my small bit and donating. 

If you want something a bit more light-hearted just search sellotape selfies on facebook. Absolutely brilliant. 

That’ll be all for now I could write loads more, but I’ll save it for a rainy day.




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Let’s get springy

As you can see I have changed things a bit, I wasn’t a big fan of my old theme so decided to give it a spruce up and change to something hopefully more aesthetically pleasing.

Talking of change it seems that spring is poking it’s head around the corner and is itching to burst out into full view. A couple of days ago, for the first time this year I could actually feel the warmth of the sun. Surprised to see the sun at all after this gloomy, wet, windy winter; it filled me with joy.

It won’t be long until it is time to don the short-shorts, roll up the sleeves of your Oxford shirts and sit next to the canal with an ice cold pint of fruit cider and good friends. I feel like this summer will be a hot one. At least that’s what I am hoping, after all of those floods I think we deserve it.

Listening to the radio it is clear some feel good songs are starting to come through ready for the summer. Everyone seems to love a bit of drum and bass in summer so I can see Wilkinson – Too close being big, especially after his last hit Afterglow which got plenty of airtime. Listen out for the half time section in the middle of the song, it’s the best bit.

In terms of some chilled out Dancey stuff Route 94 is in the process of shooting to fame with his song My Love featuring Jess Glynne.

However the main thing I am extremely excited about (I may have mentioned it before) is the release of Metronomy’s new album which is due on the 10th of March named Love Letters. And if I’m Aquarius or Love Letters are anything to go by the album is bound to be an absolute stonker.


What music do you think will be huge this summer?

Thanks again for reading.


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HI again!

This post is slightly later than scheduled, apologies, I have been up in Sunderland having a lovely valentines and half term break from uni!

This week contained the annual event that is the BRIT awards, so I thought I should do a music-y focussed blog this week. As I have made clear in previous posts I LOVE music, I don’t know many people who don’t, some people obviously don’t like the RIGHT kind of music, as in, the music I like, which is the only music anyone is allowed to like… obvs. (I’m being sarcastic, yeah?)

So the BRITs… I think people shouldn’t take them seriously, much in the style of Arctic Monkeys (best album winners) who just seemed to take the piss a bit with their speech have a watch here. Alex Turner rambles on about rock and roll being something that will keep returning through the ‘sludge’ (which I suppose he means is pop music that is churned out by SyCo) and this dig at the music industry is brilliantly put forward even though he sounds like a person who has had far too much THC in their system for the past few years.

Many people say that Arctic Monkeys have lost their way and become different and worse because of their fame. They have changed, obviously, but I think in a positive way. They have become showmen, or at least a showman and his small posse , which isn’t a bad thing. If they were still adidas wearing teenagers who stared at the ground for a whole set the world would be bored, and maybe Rock and Roll wouldn’t keep emerging through the sludge, or ever come out of hibernation, but be laid to rest while the sludge continued to pour out of all radio stations, ipods and phones. Of course, there are other bands who break the monotony of pop music but none have managed to do it on such a big scale as the Arctic Monkeys.

Maybe I am disillusioned due to the fact they have been my favourite band for a large chunk of my life (probably coming up to 9 years). Maybe I have been drawn in to their opinion of pop music being pretty rubbish and destructive to the talented, unique bands that deserve fame and awards. But I like the direction they are going with their sound and when Turner drops the mic at the end of that speech I just want to shout ‘YES ALEX FUCK THE SYSTEM’.

Away from the Arctic Monkeys, One Direction can bugger off. Wearing a stone roses t shirt?! How dare he.

So there you have it. My views and opinions, swayed easily by four people who play music. Wow. Imagine what a political party with extreme views could do to some people if that is all it takes to sway someone. Anyway, that is a different thought for a different time.

Enjoy your week.


Monotonous Sludge

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What to do…

Growing up is hard, really hard…
You have lots of decisions to make, and things to contemplate.

For me one of the hardest decisions to make is what to be interested in, and what hobbies to have. I think I have tried almost everything (nearly) in the 20 and a bit years of my life so far. Here is a short(ish) list of a few things I have tried and shown interest in:

  • Motorbiking
  • Snowboarding
  • Fishing
  • DJing
  • Violin
  • Art
  • Songwriting
  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Ukulele
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Piano
  • Producing music (ableton, FL, synth, kind of stuff) (for those not in the know, thats making music with my laptop and what is bascs a high tec keyboard)
  • Blogging (the thing you are reading now)

They are in no particular order at all (except extreme ones at the start to make me look cool). And as you can see it’s just ridiculously long and varied.

The thing is I have never really stuck with any of them, I enjoyed all of them – although may have seen reluctant with violin, I wish I was excellent now. There are some I wish I could still be a part of, as some of you may know, I was in a band –  Radio Riots –  for 3 or 4 years, making money playing in pubs, and I absolutely loved it (definitely a highlight of my teens). I like to think that we could have eventually become somewhat well known, but that was possibly just a fantasy (although we were fan – effing – tastic).

I think the thing I am trying to get at is I wish I had a passion, a hobby, something that I was bloody good at. I’ve always loved playing Badminton, and did so with a friend for the two years that I was college each week. And that’s thanks to my mum, she is -maybe that should be’ was’ – haven’t played her in a while now – pretty bloody good at it.

But what has really been in my life the most and is my biggest love is music, it’s simply the best (better than all the rest). I am always singing to myself no matter where I am. I do fiddle around on the ukulele a bit still and have done a couple of covers, but I would just say I am extremely amateur.

I am hugely in to dance music, specifically house and techno. Love it. One of my friends, James Marrs is a great producer and has had a vinyl released on the Dutch label Syncom Data records. You can check some snippets of his ‘Care EP’ out Here. I strongly suggest you do (Release, the second track is my personal fave). It is described as: ‘Perfect dancefloor material. For a basement strobo party in a David Lynch movie, that is. Mental stuff.‘ So make of that what you will.

I think that is all I have to say for now, I will let you know if I start focussing on anything, I think my plan is to do some art, I’ve done a few bits you can check out on instagram @EwanLG. I would loe to hear suggestions for topics or themes of posts, I’m a bit here there and everywhere with it at the moment, plenty to write about but don;t know where to start!

Enjoy your week,


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Hi there,

I’m Ewan, I used to do a little bit of blogging over on blogspot but not many people knew about it. I’ve decided to go public with it and see how it goes (well I hope).

I’ll be posting about events, arts, culture and anything else that pops into my noggin, so there will deffo be something you will enjoy (wide audience = fame for me, yay.). This post is a pretty standard first blog post really, introduce myself, do some poor attempts at humour and expect friends and family to contact me saying, why are you blogging you (swear word) weirdo.

First question for you all – as you can see above I used ‘(swear word)’ in place of ‘fucking’, so should I keep this blog clean with no (swear word) or just put what the fuck I want whenever the fuck I fucking want?

Comment, tweet me (@EwanGriff), close this tab and never look at it again, up to you, feedback would be appreciated, requests on content are welcome , but if they’re terrible ideas I will be brutally honest and tell you straight and in the rudest manner I can think of.

Oh and the name.. Infallible Sniff? Easy enough to explain, found a random word generator on the internet abd they were the first two words to appear! I liked it so used it. If you have any better names then suggest away, but for the moment, Infallible sniff it is!

Until next time,

Go away.

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