HI again!

This post is slightly later than scheduled, apologies, I have been up in Sunderland having a lovely valentines and half term break from uni!

This week contained the annual event that is the BRIT awards, so I thought I should do a music-y focussed blog this week. As I have made clear in previous posts I LOVE music, I don’t know many people who don’t, some people obviously don’t like the RIGHT kind of music, as in, the music I like, which is the only music anyone is allowed to like… obvs. (I’m being sarcastic, yeah?)

So the BRITs… I think people shouldn’t take them seriously, much in the style of Arctic Monkeys (best album winners) who just seemed to take the piss a bit with their speech have a watch here. Alex Turner rambles on about rock and roll being something that will keep returning through the ‘sludge’ (which I suppose he means is pop music that is churned out by SyCo) and this dig at the music industry is brilliantly put forward even though he sounds like a person who has had far too much THC in their system for the past few years.

Many people say that Arctic Monkeys have lost their way and become different and worse because of their fame. They have changed, obviously, but I think in a positive way. They have become showmen, or at least a showman and his small posse , which isn’t a bad thing. If they were still adidas wearing teenagers who stared at the ground for a whole set the world would be bored, and maybe Rock and Roll wouldn’t keep emerging through the sludge, or ever come out of hibernation, but be laid to rest while the sludge continued to pour out of all radio stations, ipods and phones. Of course, there are other bands who break the monotony of pop music but none have managed to do it on such a big scale as the Arctic Monkeys.

Maybe I am disillusioned due to the fact they have been my favourite band for a large chunk of my life (probably coming up to 9 years). Maybe I have been drawn in to their opinion of pop music being pretty rubbish and destructive to the talented, unique bands that deserve fame and awards. But I like the direction they are going with their sound and when Turner drops the mic at the end of that speech I just want to shout ‘YES ALEX FUCK THE SYSTEM’.

Away from the Arctic Monkeys, One Direction can bugger off. Wearing a stone roses t shirt?! How dare he.

So there you have it. My views and opinions, swayed easily by four people who play music. Wow. Imagine what a political party with extreme views could do to some people if that is all it takes to sway someone. Anyway, that is a different thought for a different time.

Enjoy your week.


Monotonous Sludge

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