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Hi there,

I’m Ewan, I used to do a little bit of blogging over on blogspot but not many people knew about it. I’ve decided to go public with it and see how it goes (well I hope).

I’ll be posting about events, arts, culture and anything else that pops into my noggin, so there will deffo be something you will enjoy (wide audience = fame for me, yay.). This post is a pretty standard first blog post really, introduce myself, do some poor attempts at humour and expect friends and family to contact me saying, why are you blogging you (swear word) weirdo.

First question for you all – as you can see above I used ‘(swear word)’ in place of ‘fucking’, so should I keep this blog clean with no (swear word) or just put what the fuck I want whenever the fuck I fucking want?

Comment, tweet me (@EwanGriff), close this tab and never look at it again, up to you, feedback would be appreciated, requests on content are welcome , but if they’re terrible ideas I will be brutally honest and tell you straight and in the rudest manner I can think of.

Oh and the name.. Infallible Sniff? Easy enough to explain, found a random word generator on the internet abd they were the first two words to appear! I liked it so used it. If you have any better names then suggest away, but for the moment, Infallible sniff it is!

Until next time,

Go away.

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